10 Ways to Prepare Your eCommerce Fashion Store for BFCM

BFCM eCommerce

10 Ways to Prepare Your eCommerce Fashion Store for BFCM 76% of consumers plan to shop on an ecommerce fashion store for BFCM this year according to Future Publishing. As the holiday season approaches, eCommerce fashion store owners everywhere are preparing their stores for the busiest shopping days of the year.  If you’re not prepared, these […]

10 Must-Have Salesforce Apps For Fashion Stores

10 Must-Have Apps For Salesforce Fashion Stores Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the CMS (Content Management System) platform of Salesforce has currently around 5 thousand merchants and the majority of them fall within the fashion industry. While setting up your fashion eCommerce store on any CMS has evolved to be a straightforward experience, finding the right apps […]

15 Must-Have Shopify Apps For Fashion Stores in 2024

Shopify has over a million merchants on its platform and around 25% of them fall within the fashion industry. It’s one of the most popular industries and one of the most competitive ones. While setting a fashion store on Shopify can be easy and straightforward, finding the right apps for your store can prove a […]

Personalization: How to find the right personalisation partner

Whitepaper: Evaluating Solutions What’s Inside Overview Choosing the right company to partner with for your personalisation initiatives can be a daunting task. And It’s no wonder. With so many companies offering an array of different functionality even industry veterans find it hard to understand the differences. In this whitepaper we will break down all the […]

The Times Report: Data-Driven Fashion Personalization

Will hyper-personalisation shrink our echo chambers and interest bubbles? Will TV soon have personalised ads? The Personalisation special report, published in The Times, explores the pros and cons of retailers using artificial intelligence to recommend products and outfits online and looks at how so-called “dark patterns” are manipulating consumers. The featured infographic focuses on data-driven personalisation […]

Blockchain, A.I. and Other Game-Changing Fashion Technology in 2022

This article has been updated for the latest developments in fashion technology as of 2022 and was first published in May 2021 The world’s most significant and profitable industries are facing massive changes thanks to advances in technology. More specifically, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), new types of financial transactions and a number of other big […]

Clothing Rental Market In The Era of Sustainable Fashion

This article has been updated for the latest developments in the fashion rental market & sustainable fashion in 2020 and was first published in November 2018.   The Fashion Rental Market in 2020 Peer-to-peer lending is not a new idea, it has always been an integral part of our wardrobe crisis solutions. What’s different in […]