Personalization: How to find the right personalisation partner

Whitepaper: Evaluating Solutions What’s Inside Overview Choosing the right company to partner with for your personalisation initiatives can be a daunting task. And It’s no wonder. With so many companies offering an array of different functionality even industry veterans find it hard to understand the differences. In this whitepaper we will break down all the […]

Intelistyle’s AI Stylist Outperforms Zalando By 3 Times

AI Styling Game

  One afternoon at the height of Covid-19 Lockdown, the Intelistyle team decided to create a fun fashion game that benchmarks our AI outfit recommendations against that of an E-Commerce giant: Zalando. What started off as an internal game returned such impressive results that we thought our team must be subliminally biased somehow – as […]

The Times Report: Data-Driven Fashion Personalization

Will hyper-personalisation shrink our echo chambers and interest bubbles? Will TV soon have personalised ads? The Personalisation special report, published in The Times, explores the pros and cons of retailers using artificial intelligence to recommend products and outfits online and looks at how so-called “dark patterns” are manipulating consumers. The featured infographic focuses on data-driven personalisation […]

The 4 strategies to win in Fashion & Luxury Post-Covid

Intelistyle Whitepaper

The Covid 19 pandemic hit the operations and margins of the Fashion & Luxury Retail Industry hard – and for some retailers, the effects will be long-lasting.Retailers who decode the changing behaviours of their consumers, understand the Post-Covid Fashion Value Chain, and place innovation at the heart of their operations today will turn Covid Recovery […]

AI in Fashion: An Extensive Guide To All Applications For Retail

AI Value Chain

Last Update June 2022 Let’s have a comprehensive look at all current applications of AI in the fashion industry that can be integrated into a retailer’s value chain: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has swept into many industries with the potential to revolutionise businesses through higher speed, lowered operational costs and access to a depth of consumer […]

AI Stylist Beats Human Stylists at London Fashion Week

AI Stylist Outperformed Fashion Influencers In February 2019, after training and testing our AI Stylist for 2 years we decided we were ready for London Fashion Week. We previously spent a lot of time testing with various stylists we worked with, as well as by withholding parts of the dataset from the model and measuring […]