The Best Product Recommendation Engine For Your Fashion Store

Do you click on the bottom strip of suggestions while shopping for your new outfit? Do you feel the recommendations you find here are on the mark and right for you? 

Everything you do online, including your shopping, is determined by algorithms. In the case of shopping for clothing, the suggestions may not necessarily be focused on what you need at the time. Or, quite frankly, your style. This is something you want to avoid when serving your shoppers product recommendations.

Gone are the days when your buyers are satisfied with just the usual run-of-the-mill suggestions that anyone could have made to them. No, trendy shoppers want to be treated like they would be in physical stores. They want options and recommendations guided by their size, shape, and preference.

AI styling has come a long way from what we used to know, and while everyone is not on the bandwagon yet – make sure you optimise your offering to serve your leads with the best user experience. 

The time is now. Lead the way with the best product recommendation engine for your site. Here’s how.

What Is a Product Recommendation Engine?

The internet knows every step we take. And whatever you put into your phone or browser, at whatever time, it remembers this data and uses it to serve you particular ads and products.

So, a product recommendation engine is a data filtering tool. These engines find patterns in each individual’s online behaviour and use machine learning algorithms to suggest the most suited items or information to a particular user. 

And it is everywhere you go online. From Netflix to Amazon to your favourite shop, every site collects data and incorporates it in their upsell or cross-sell.

What Sort of Data are We Talking About Here? 

It can be any type of data – relevant to your store or not. Product recommendation engines consider data from all corners of consumer behaviour. They look at:
  • Browser and search history
  • Past and present purchasing behaviour
  • Feedback and reviews
  • Most-viewed products and items
  • Preferences
  • Shopping carts 
  • Wish lists
Therefore, when your customers step onto your eCommerce store, your product recommendation extension will show them items that they might have looked for in the greater scheme of their online behaviour that is not specific to what they are shopping for at the moment.
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As an eCommerce store selling the latest fashion and trends, your product recommendation engine needs to keep up and make suggestions that will upsell the entire look. 

This is where Intelistyle gives you the competitive advantage – a more personal approach to product recommendation.

Styling AI Doesn’t Need to be Impersonal

Taking responsibility to turn leads into a sustainable long-term relationship starts with the eCommerce business owner investing in strategies that will smooth out the user’s experience. One way to incorporate styling AI to give your customers personalized suggestions based on their body type and style preferences is through Intelistyle. Moreover, Intelistyle’s advanced capabilities even allow you to design custom clothing recommendations for each customer. This personal touch enhances the user experience and fosters a deeper connection between the shopper and your brand.

The Intelistyle technology allows you to recommend visually similar products rather than focus on the irrelevant data captured from a previous browsing session.

Product Recommendation Based on Body Type and Personal Style? How? 

Intelistyle uses AI-powered styling to customise the customer’s experience by suggesting outfits that are right for them. It means that the technology will create outfit recommendations for clothes that your customers already own or want to buy. But how does it work? Well, by bringing touch-points across various services within the tech together.

Intelistyle offers you the opportunity to incorporate attribute tagging, do a visual search, and look for items using simple conversational language. These elements help you understand your target market and their specific needs and wants. This data is then used to make suggestions according to their size, shape, and style.

Intelistyle’s Contributing Factors

Like we just said, our technology works collaboratively to give your customer’s the best product recommendations out there. These three aspects include attribute tagging, visual search, and natural language search. Let’s explain what they are.

What is Attribute Tagging? 

Attribute tagging is a system applied to each of your garments on your eCommerce site that enables your customers to filter searches by occasion, body type, cut, fabric, pattern, and desired feature. So, when a customer engages in these features, your product recommendation engine automatically receives very personal insights into what the buyer prefers.

Visual Search Explained

The Intelistyle AI allows your customers to upload their own pictures to help them search for the product they have their eye on. This gives you the chance to see what they like at the time and which trends you need to stock. Like attribute tagging, it also allows you to suggest styles within a similar vein.

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Visually Similar

Often one detail on a garment is what puts a customer off. This need not be the case. Intelistyle’s visually similar technology will make visually similar suggestions rather than picking up data from what other customers have browsed.

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Natural Language Search

It seems very simple, but allowing your customer to search for phrases they use to describe garments they love and actually presenting suited options, will help your product recommendation engines to nail the upsell.

Is a Product Recommendation Engine Really Needed?

Yes. Online shopping can become overwhelming, and ensure that your traffic does not just hop on and off. If you have an eCommerce store and want to see your profit margin grow, you need to recommend products. You need to upsell the product so you can potentially make your clients happy. Customers shopping for a new look online often want more than one piece, and if you can give suggestions that will complement not only the specific item that they are interested in but also their body type – your shopping carts will be jam-packed. Keeping your customers satisfied with a good recommendation engine is a significant plus. But there is more to it. 

Here are some other reasons your eCommerce site will benefit from product recommendation engines:

  1. It will boost your traffic via personalised emails and spot-on suggestions. 
  2. Your shoppers will be more engaged, which will cement the sale. 
  3. Products relevant to your customer’s needs will see an increase in sales. 
  4. Enjoy higher conversion rates.

Pinpoint the Right Product to the Right Customer

Being on target with your product suggestion seems like an impossible task, but we can assure you it is simpler than it looks – you just need the right tools. Product recommendation engines are among the most essential tools for online business owners – especially if you want to take advantage of what eCommerce has to offer. And who are you kidding? If you make money from eCommerce, there are no two ways. You are selling products to your customers and need to find the best digital solution to do so. Kitting your online shop out with a product recommendation system that knows your customers’ needs and wants will set you apart from your competitors. You cannot sell trends and not keep up with them. Therefore, to practice what you preach and profit from it, implement AI styling that will show your customers that you know what you are doing. AI styling will help you sell looks, not just individual garments. Book a demo with one of our consultants to see what we are talking about.

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