Will hyper-personalisation shrink our echo chambers and interest bubbles? Will TV soon have personalised ads?

The Personalisation special report, published in The Times, explores the pros and cons of retailers using artificial intelligence to recommend products and outfits online and looks at how so-called “dark patterns” are manipulating consumers. The featured infographic focuses on data-driven personalisation and how delivering custom experiences to individual consumers, based on their behaviours, requires both huge volumes of quality data and the right strategy to ensure success and return on investment.


  1. What does personalization really mean?
  2. Your personalization strategy needs a shake-up
  3. The benefits of personalization in the workplace
  4. Addressable TV: the pros and cons of ads made just for you
  5. The AI Stylist
  6. What are dark patterns and how are they tricking you?
  7. What does personalisation 2.0 look like?

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