Ones to Watch” list showcases 50 UK-based projects praised by experts for delivering new products, services and experiences through creative and tech expertise. This report, described as “who’s who guide of the UK companies at the forefront of Createch” was the highlight of the Createch 2019 conference held at London’s Code Node on 11th June, as part of London Technology Week. The list was compiled by innovation research specialists Springwise with support from London & Partners and Digital Catapult.

Tim Davie, CEO of BBC Studios and Co-Chair of the CIC, a joint forum of government and industry said: “The intersection of creativity and technology is one of the most exciting growth areas in today’s economy. Createch 2019 will provide a unique guide for anyone trying to navigate through this fast-changing landscape.

Createch has identified 4 key sectors that revolutionize user experience:

1) Immersive Entertainment

2) Transformative Experiences

3) Seamless Service

4) Personalised Tools

Intelistyle, AI styling and omnichannel personalisation start-up, is one of the 50 companies featured in the “Ones to Watch” list. Styled by AI” isn’t yet a commonly used term, although that may be about to change, the report concludes. 

Intelistyle features in the “Personalised Tools VR ⁄ 3D ⁄ Robotics” category both for its B2B personalisation services to fashion retailers and for the personalisation offered to the end-user through its chatbot. The artificial intelligence (AI) software basically offers effective styling results across platforms: from in-store to online, even at home – a truly omnichannel experience.

Another reason Intelistyle made the list is the revolutionary technology that outperforms latest academic research to ensure excellent styling quality: Through the use of machine learning, the data from thousands of outfits put together by stylists, influencers, designers and retailers is extracted to decode the ‘essence of style’ and offer styling solutions.

The same exceptional styling quality got Intelistyle featured in Forbes, for outperforming human stylists during London Fashion Week in 2019.

Intelistyle’s “secret power” is providing customised, on-brand, personalised recommendations to fashion retailers, improving their KPIs (revenue, conversion, clicks-through-rate, average order value and more) while delivering a better customer experience.

Intelistyle in Createch: You can read the full report here.