Virtual Try-On

Virtual Try-On

Visualize how any garment looks regardless of a customer's skin tone or body type.

AI Generated Outfits on Virtual Models

Outfit recommendations displayed on virtual models as opposed to just a recommendation carousel.

Virtual Product Photography

Don't spend a fortune in studio photography. We'll produce full body shots with virtual models to your exact requirements.

Before-after shots

Customers can visualise how any garment looks on them regardless of their skin tone or body type.

Choice of Models

Choose the model's height, skin type, body type, lighting, face, pose and background.

Virtual or Real models, the choice is yours.


"Virtual photoshoots allowed us to bring products to market faster and cheaper."
- Director of Ecommerce

Conversion +50%

Revenue +8%

Reduce photoshoot costs by 23X

See how a major Asian retailer reduced their product photo shoot costs by 23X.

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Simple & Quick Setup

Step 1

Send Images or Product Feed

All formats and delivery methods are accepted, from simple image files to CSV, JSON or API. Ghost shots or on model, any pose.

Step 2

Process Images

• We'll process the images & set up your account.
• Install widget on your website with our 2-minute no-code integration process. Alternatively retrieve via API.
• Native app, PIM and custom integrations supported via standard REST API.
• Seamless integration into your workflow.

Why Intelistyle

Virtual Try On

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Our proprietary technology delivers exceptional quality at prices that allow you to scale your entire inventory.

Virtual Try On

Easy For Customers

No need for awkward body scans or uploading size measurements.

No 3D Assets Needed

We don’t need expensive or proprietary 3D assets or ghost shots. Your existing photography works.

Easy For Retailers. 2-Minute Integration

One-line integration for all major eCommerce platforms.

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