15 Must-Have Shopify Apps For Fashion Stores in 2024

Shopify has over a million merchants on its platform and around 25% of them fall within the fashion industry. It’s one of the most popular industries and one of the most competitive ones. While setting a fashion store on Shopify can be easy and straightforward, finding the right apps for your store can prove a […]

How To Increase Your Sales With Remote Selling

remote selling dashboard

Find out how remote selling allows your brand to sell more without the cost of increasing your existing sales capacity Increasing Post-Pandemic Competition Luxury and fashion consumers expect to spend less in physical stores and more on e-commerce moving forward, according to McKinsey & Company. They are not alone in establishing that online fashion sales […]

Intelistyle’s AI Stylist Outperforms Zalando By 3 Times

AI Styling Game

  One afternoon at the height of Covid-19 Lockdown, the Intelistyle team decided to create a fun fashion game that benchmarks our AI outfit recommendations against that of an E-Commerce giant: Zalando. What started off as an internal game returned such impressive results that we thought our team must be subliminally biased somehow – as […]

Increase Your Revenue With AI Outfit Recommendations in 4 Steps

AI Outfit Recommendations

Incorporating a ‘Complete the Look’ AI Outfit Recommendations System into their shopping experience is increasing revenue for top fashion retailers around the globe. Find out how you can easily apply it to your online store step-by-step and start reaping the revenue-driving benefits.  Going into the new decade of fashion retail, one thing is already clearly […]

AI in Fashion: An Extensive Guide To All Applications For Retail

AI Value Chain

Last Update June 2022 Let’s have a comprehensive look at all current applications of AI in the fashion industry that can be integrated into a retailer’s value chain: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has swept into many industries with the potential to revolutionise businesses through higher speed, lowered operational costs and access to a depth of consumer […]

Automated Product Tagging: Reform Your Fashion Business

Use Visual Search To Detect and Tag All Products On Your Full Body Images

Automated Product Tagging: Reform Your Fashion Business Automated product tagging can drastically reform your fashion business and in this post, we are going to explore how. On-demand fashion has irrevocably changed the retail landscape. The backstage operations at design, buying-merchandising, production and all touchpoints in the customer journey. Retailers have more variety on their product […]

Intelistyle in Createch’s “Ones to Watch” List

“Ones to Watch” list showcases 50 UK-based projects praised by experts for delivering new products, services and experiences through creative and tech expertise. This report, described as “who’s who guide of the UK companies at the forefront of Createch” was the highlight of the Createch 2019 conference held at London’s Code Node on 11th June, as part […]

Blockchain, A.I. and Other Game-Changing Fashion Technology in 2022

This article has been updated for the latest developments in fashion technology as of 2022 and was first published in May 2021 The world’s most significant and profitable industries are facing massive changes thanks to advances in technology. More specifically, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), new types of financial transactions and a number of other big […]

AI Stylist Beats Human Stylists at London Fashion Week

AI Stylist Outperformed Fashion Influencers In February 2019, after training and testing our AI Stylist for 2 years we decided we were ready for London Fashion Week. We previously spent a lot of time testing with various stylists we worked with, as well as by withholding parts of the dataset from the model and measuring […]

How AI Is Set To Change Fashion Retail

  This article has been updated for the latest developments in AI fashion retail as of 2020 and was first published in December 2018. The past, present, and future of AI technology in fashion retail. An exclusive interview with Paul Kruszewski, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologist, serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of WRNCH – a leading […]